Preparing for the new Standards and Regulations

Standards and Regulations

The 25th November 2019 – which sees the new SRA Standards and Regulations coming into force – draws ever closer and yet despite this many firms have still not taken even the most preliminary steps towards updating their manuals and processes to adapt to the new requirements.

Whilst many of the changes in the Standards and Regulations are in the form of simplified requirements – many of the the new provisions are substantially shorter and (apparently) less prescriptive – nevertheless firms will have to take account of those changes and in particular ensure that partners and staff  are aware of the impact that those changes can have and direct those in the firm to the appropriate new provisions.

To help firms to adapt to the changes, Infolegal is in the process of completely updating its materials and indeed has already completed the updating of the Solicitors Office Procedures Manual to take account of the revised Standards and Regulations.  Our factsheets and guidance notes are following on from this and will be completed shortly.

We are also in the process of putting together a training course which looks at the changes and explains what firms need to do going forward to achieve compliance.

This, combined with our updated courses on topics which include Money Laundering, Data Protection, Conflict and Confidentiality, the Accounts Rules and Equality and Diversity mean that with our help, your firm can help to ensure that it remains compliant at all times.

If you would like a copy of the revised manual in order to help your firm make the necessary changes then it, and the other updated information, is available to all Infolegal subscribers as part of their Compliance Hub subscription.  Subscriptions start at just £475 + VAT for a sole practice.

More information about signing up and our pricing can be found here.


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