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Lack of investigation cover warning
Lack of investigation cover warningJanuary 13, 2020Research undertaken by IRN and commissioned by national firm Leigh Day has found that less than half of solicitors firms have insurance cover that would enable them to be able to cover the costs of any potential investigation against them by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).Read More
Law Society welcomes SRA PII decision
Law Society welcomes SRA PII decisionDecember 20, 2019The Law Society of England and Wales has welcomed the news the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is to drop its proposals to lower the levels of professional indemnity insurance (PII). It said that, given the gravity of the issues with which the profession deals, it is vital that the public continues “to be protected by […]Read More
SRA publishes SQE knowledge assessment details
SRA publishes SQE knowledge assessment detailsDecember 12, 2019SRA publishes SQE1's Functioning Legal Knowledge Assessment Specification containing final details as to the legal knowledge that will be tested in the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).Read More
Lawyers must adapt to survive
Lawyers must adapt to surviveDecember 10, 2019Law Society warns that the legal services market will need to adapt to a more deregulated environment, stronger commercial pressures and increasing adoption of technologyRead More
Law Society wants justice to be at heart of government
Law Society wants justice to be at heart of governmentNovember 19, 2019Law Society publishes its 2019 Manifesto in which it throws down the gauntlet to political parties campaigning towards the next election and challenges them to put the rule of law and access to justice at the heart of their plans for government.Read More
AML warning notice updated
AML warning notice updatedNovember 12, 2019SRA issues an updated "Compliance with the money laundering regulations - firm risk assessment" warning notice and announces plans to check 7,000 firms for AML compliance.Read More
Law Society welcomes RUI review
Law Society welcomes RUI reviewNovember 9, 2019Law Society welcomes announcement that the controversial practice of releasing suspects under investigation (RUI) - an open-ended arrangement which lacks the conditions, balances and checks afforded by bail - is to be reviewedRead More
BSB updates its regulatory decision-making
BSB updates its regulatory decision-makingOctober 24, 2019BSB publishes new edition of its Handbook designed to modernise the way in which it undertakes its regulatory decision-making and reflect a new and more efficient Regulatory Operations regime designed to streamline and improve the way in which the BSB assesses and handles reports about those whom it regulates.Read More
Helping clients with a disability
Helping clients with a disabilityOctober 17, 2019SRA/YouGov research finds that many solicitors are not making reasonable adjustments for those with a disability and that early identification of needs, and the resulting adjustments that were required to be made, was vital if those with disabilities were to access legal services in an effective manner. Read More
CLC says licensed conveyancers positive about the future
CLC says licensed conveyancers positive about the futureOctober 1, 2019CLC publishes results of its 2019 Annual Regulatory Return showing high levels of business confidence amongst those whom it regulates with almost a half of CLC regulated practices expecting their work volumes to rise over the next 12 months.Read More