Sharing Firm Information

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Making Information More Accessible

Being able to access information about your firm with ease may not be such a problem when everyone is sharing the same office. However, when personnel are spread over several locations, or when significant numbers of personnel are spending at least part of their time working from home, then being able to find out even the simplest of information can become more problematic.

It may be something as simple as the firm’s VAT number, the contact details for someone in another department or who is responsible for an aspect of the firm’s management.

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The Infolegal InfoHub provides a resource whereby information about the firm, and records of management and regulatory issues, can be made accessible to all relevant personnel – wherever they are and on all electronic devices be they computers, tablets or mobile phones.

This includes a comprehensive range of counsel/expert records where the firm can rate those who provide services to it and ensure that all personnel are using approved contractors.

Recording Firm Information

The Firm Information section of the InfoHub provides a facility for centrally recording and sharing a range of information about your firm and the people who work in it. This includes:

Information about the practice itself

Includes contact details, registration numbers, details of accreditations, memberships, languages spoken within the firm and any other types of information the firm feels it appropriate and useful to share with its personnel.

Departmental Information

Departments within the firm can elect what information they wish to share and with whom they wish to share it. This might include details of the types of work undertaken by the department; personnel and managers; processes, policies, documents or templates used by the department; or any other information that the firm regards as appropriate.

Role holders and management responsibilities

All solicitors' practices, of whatever size, require the appointment of individuals to act as managers or role holders within the firm. This section allows the firm to record details of those role holders - e.g. COLP, COFA and MLRO - together with details of others in the firm with management responsibilities.

Staff details

A resource whereby staff members can add and update their own information which can then be accessed by everyone within the firm.

Firm's office procedures manual

The firm's procedures manual should be at the heart of its regulatory compliance programme. However, it is only of value if it is kept up to date and is easily accessible. The InfoHub allows the firm to maintain details of its manual in such a way that everyone within the firm can access up-to-date versions of it when required.

Plans and policies

It is a requirement of the Lexcel Standard that firms have a register of each plan, policy and procedure together with details of the person responsible for it and a procedure for its review. Using the InfoHub firms can not only maintain details of those policies, plans and procedures but can also make them readily available to personnel within the firm.

Experts and counsel

To help ensure that everyone within the firm is using approved experts and counsel, and to make sure that experiences with them are recorded and updated, there is a comprehensive series of tables into which details of accountants, medical experts, forensic experts, surveyors, barristers and others can be added, updated and rated according to a number of parameters such as previous performace, cost, speed of response, court room skills etc.