The Infolegal InfoHub

Making Solicitor Compliance Manageable

Coping with a firm’s compliance and general management responsibilities can be an uphill struggle.

Not only are regulatory requirements becoming ever more complex and onerous, but communicating with and supervising those who are working remotely, or operating from another office, can also be a challenge.

To assist in dealing with these problems, Infolegal has extended the scope of its already successful online Compliance Hub to provide users with an integrated compliance and management platform that it believes will take much of the hardwork out of routine regulatory and management duties.

The new InfoHub from Infolegal is a comprehensive yet simple to use resource. Created by lawyers for lawyers, it has been designed specifically to help solicitors’ firms better to manage their compliance and day-to-day information needs.

The simple way to make compliance manageable

Whether you are a sole practitioner, law firm or ABS, the Infolegal Compliance Hub is the easiest way to help make compliance within your firm as simple as possible.

From less than £60 per month*, the Infolegal Compliance hub provides you with cost-effective access to a wide range of precedents, guides, training modules and information to help ensure that you, and everyone within your firm, remains on top of regulatory requirements.

Fully customisable, and with an easy to use interface, the InfoHub provides you and your firm with access to a wide range of information, documents, training modules and other guidance. In addition, it also allows your firm to assess, manage and record its day-to-day risk and compliance, securely manage and share information with members of staff (wherever they are based) and record important data such as undertakings, complaints, data protection information and much more – all without the complexity and difficulty of similar products that are available.

Customisable to your firm's needs

Whether operating from one office, several offices or with staff working remotely, the InfoHub lets your firm select from a number of modules designed to allow it to manage information and regulatory needs. These modules include regulatory compliance checks, experts registers, firm records, risk assessments, file reviews and departmental information.

Each InfoHub membership gives you the ability to share the information with others in your firm as well as complete control over who in your firm is able to access which resources. In the case of the training modules, it also provides access to a training management resource that will allow you to see who has done which of the training courses and how they have performed in any associated tests.

With the ability to allow firms to tailor precisely who sees which of the resources and who can update and manage them, the Infolegal Infohub can be customised precisely to your firm’s particular needs.

Administrators can decide on an person-by-person basis who can view which resources, ensuring that staff are able to access only those that are relevant to them. This can be by user role or by individual.

*  + VAT.  Price based on a sole practitioner membership.  Subscriptions are based upon the size of the firm and whether any additional services are purchased.