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Tax Advice and the Risks of Negligent SDLT Returns
Tax Advice and the Risks of Negligent SDLT ReturnsSeptember 10, 2020The provision of tax advice by solicitors is a potential minefield unless the firm has the required skills to offer specific stand-alone tax advice.  For most firms it is more likely to form an ancillary element of other services and could easily add to a firm's risk exposure as the issues that arise are likely to be outside of the adviser’s main specialisation.  Here we look at some of the issues that arise.Read More
The Risks of Incorrect SDLT Returns
The Risks of Incorrect SDLT ReturnsSeptember 10, 2020Non-conveyancer compliance officers may be surprised to learn that systematic errors may be being made in the completion of Stamp Duty Land Tax returns by their firm.  Not only could this result in disciplinary action by the SRA but also a growth in the number of claims against solicitors.  Here Hannah Mackinlay, a property lawyer and trainer, looks at the problem and at the steps that solicitors should be taking to protect themselves.Read More
Website warning – legal consumers struggle with pricing
Website warning – legal consumers struggle with pricingAugust 12, 2020A press release from the Legal Services Consumer Panel reveals a record number of consumers shopping around but many still have problems finding out what services cost and dealing with other aspects of the legal process.  Is this a wake up call for firms who are still not compliant with the Transparency Rules?Read More
Giving and Accepting an Undertaking
Giving and Accepting an UndertakingAugust 12, 2020Undertakings are a fundamental part of the practice of a solicitor and their importance cannot be stated too strongly. However, with the growth of alternative providers of legal services, are we able to place the same reliance upon undertakings in the future? In this article we look at some of the issues that solicitors should bear in mind when giving and receiving undertakings and in particular of where they should be wary of accepting undertakings from non-solicitor legal providers. Read More
Reflections on my time as chair (and trustee) of LawCare
Reflections on my time as chair (and trustee) of LawCareAugust 11, 2020Bronwen Still, Infolegal director and former chair of the Board of Trustees of LawCare, reflects on the changing attitudes to mental health and wellbeing by law firms during her 23 years as a trustee.Read More
All Change – the New SRA Process for Firm Applications
All Change – the New SRA Process for Firm ApplicationsAugust 10, 2020SRA makes changes to the means by which individuals and firms are to make applications such as new firms and authorisation applications.Read More
Transparency – Certifying Compliance with the SRA Rules
Transparency – Certifying Compliance with the SRA RulesAugust 6, 2020The SRA has emailed solicitors' firms giving them just 14 days in which to confirm that their websites comply with the Transparency Rules.  Here we look at the implications, at some of the difficulties firms face in achieving compliance and how Infolegal can assist in achieving compliance.Read More
Regulation, the SRA and COVID-19
Regulation, the SRA and COVID-19July 7, 2020Businesses of all kinds - solicitors’ firms included - are facing unprecedented problems in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the challenges of maintaining the practice as a going concern are still challenge enough for most to contend with. Issues that seem at first to be a lesser concern than the sheer problems of survival are bound to receive less attention than usual, especially if the resources to deal with those issues are currently in short supply. In this article we look at whaRead More
Conflict, Confidentiality and Disclosure
Conflict, Confidentiality and DisclosureJune 12, 2020For many solicitors considerations as to whether they may act in certain situations will inevitably surface from time to time. Often this will be as a result of the existence of other, and sometimes rival, professional commitments.  In this article we look at somer of the provisions relating to conflict, confidentiality and disclosure and in particular at the impact of recent case law on the Prince Jefri decision.Read More
Reforming Legal Services
Reforming Legal ServicesJune 12, 2020A 340-page report, "Reforming legal services: Regulation beyond the echo chambers", conducted by Stephen Mayson, concludes that the regulatory framework for lawyers needs better to reflect "the legitimate needs and expectations of the more than 90% of the population for whom it is not currently designed" and calls for, amongst other things, a single, sector-wide regulator of all legal providers and a single point of entry for consumer complaints.Read More