Bronwen Still emphasises wellbeing


Infolegal director, Bronwen Still, a key speaker at this month’s Legal Futures Regulation and Compliance Conference, which was held at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London on 6 June tackled the increasingly important issue of wellbeing.

Speaking alongside Paul Bennett, a partner Bennett Briegal LLP, Bronwen, who is also the Chair of Lawcare, addressed what law firms should be doing to ensure that they have the policies and procedures in place to avoid them and their staff getting into trouble as a result of wellbeing issues such as stress, depression and bullying.

Bronwen said that “evidence suggests that a lot more needs to be done by firms to embed good practice, and to look more holistically about how they operate as a firm and how they deal with their staff,” adding that LawCare, a charity that supports and promotes good mental health and wellbeing in the legal community, had seen a 50% increase in calls about bullying over the past year.

Lawcare is currently supporting a research project by Lorna Clayton designed to support better mental well-being in lawyers. Lorna is looking for participants to complete two questionnaires, one on well-being at work and the other is a personality questionnaire looking at Temperament and Character (the TCI). The questionnaires will take between 45 minutes and an hour in total and can be done in more than one sitting.

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