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Documents and Precedents

As part of your subscription to the Infolegal Compliance Hub you will have access to our growing range of documents and precedents.


Whilst some of the documents such as the retainer letters and cybersecurity precedents are entirely standalone, others such as the GDPR template letters, documents and policies are designed to be used in conjunction with the guidance notes whilst others can be used in conjunction with the Office procedures Manual. It is entirely up to you how and when you use them.

As with all of the other parts of the Hub, we keep the documents up to date and you can use the revised versions to update your own documents.


Supplied in Word format, the documents and precedents can be adapted easily to suit the precise requirements of your own firm.

The documents and precedents we offer include:

Retainer Letters

A series of 20 model retainer letters for firms to adapt and adopt.


These include letters dealing with contentious, non-contentious and legally aided work and cover areas such as company, commercial, employment, property, wills, probate, trusts, crime, family, debt recovery and litigation, police station work and mental health.


In addition, we provide a retainer letter checklist and terms of business checklist for those who are drafting their own.

GDPR Precedents

The GDPR-related documents and precedents we offer cover a wide range of topics including subject access requests, data collection and analysis, data breach management, legitimate interest assessments and GDPR readiness and include:

  • Template letters for dealing with subject access requests,
  • Policy documents covering data breaches and subject access requests,
  • Legitimate Interest Assessment forms,
  • Agreements with data processors, and
  • Privacy notices.


Cybersecurity is becoming one of the most important, and time consuming, areas of risk for firms. We have produced a number of cybersecurity related documents (together with several cybersecurity-related checklists and processes – see Checklists and Procedures section) which you can use within your practice including:

  • Email policies and guidance,
  • Safe browsing policies,
  • Information management policies,
  • Social media use policies, and
  • Confidentiality/clear desk policies.

Money Laundering

Remaining compliant with money laundering regulations continues to be a major concern for all law firms of all sizes. To assist we have produced a number of forms and documents which include:

  • Client Identity Form (ML1),
  • Passport and Photo Driving Licence Form (ML2),
  • Source of Funds Form (ML3),
  • Report Form (ML4),
  • Draft text on use of client identity evidence for CDD purposes, and
  • AML and Countering Terrorist Financing Policy.

Other Documents

In addition to documents in the specific areas set out above, we have also produced, and will continue to update and augment, a number of other documents which we believe firms may find useful in their practices. These include:

  • Vulnerable client policy,
  • Demands and needs statement for use in relation to financial services,
  • Client surveys,
  • Sample file opening form,
  • Key dates summary, and
  • Whistle blowing policy.